My heart goes out to the flood victims

I ache for the flood victims, their families, and the land. I lived in Texas for many years and have great memories from that part of the world.  I didn’t live close to the coast, but in Austin, San Antonio, and Big Spring so I don’t know too much about the Houston and Corpus Christi area. The closest I got to the Gulf was when I flew an OV-10 into Harlingen, TX one looonnnggg weekend with a friend for a Commemorative Air Force air show and fly-in. We got to see some awesome WWII airplanes doing their stuff including P-51s & P-40s dogfighting and B-17s bombing the airfield. I met Pappy Boyington and got him to sign his book (I still have it). The coast was beautiful, the people were Texas friendly and we had a superb time. I can’t imagine the devastation and destruction they are suffering now. There are many organizations we can contribute to that will get the resources to the people in need. I suggest using the Red Cross but I know there are others. And… please send prayers.

This flower isn’t from Texas but it is from the west.

Desert Flower

Desert Flower

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