I am trying to be less judgmental. So…here are the facts without any comment from me. Now perhaps I don’t have ALL of the facts but the ones I have…I think they are fairly important.

  1. trump nominated Brett Talley from Alabama for a federal judgeship (a lifetime appointment)
  2. Brett Talley has practiced law for 3 years
  3. Brett Talley has never tried a case in court
  4. After the Newton, Conn., tragedy, Brett Talley tweeted, “A Call to Arms: It’s Time to Join the National Rifle Association.”
  5. Brett Talley wrote, “The NRA stands for all of us now, and I pray that in the coming battle for our rights, they will be victorious.”
  6. This September Brett Talley tweeted, “Hillary Rotten Clinton might be the best Trumpism yet.”
  7. The American Bar Association rated Brett Talley as, “Not Qualified.”
  8. The Senate Judiciary Committee approved his nomination, along party lines.

(sourced from Testimony of Brett Talley in Judiciary Committee Hearing, Boston Globe, Washington Post, NY Times)

I don’t care which party you support…

East Pennsylvania Penitentiary

East Pennsylvania Penitentiary

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