A Laid Back, Very Laid Back Saturday

Wow! Two posts in one day! Kyle, Diane and I went for a walkabout at Burke Lake. And I left my camera home. We walked 7,000 steps on our FitBits. Then we came home to take a nap. We sort of decided to not do much of anything else. I say sort of because I’m not really sure how we came to be doing nothing. I am trying to remember the last time we did absolutely nothing. I don’t remember when. I should probably feel guilty because there’s a ton of stuff that absolutely, positively must be completed or the fate of the free world….er.  But…no. The guilt monster will remain locked in the closet and I will do my best to find a junk movie that we can all watch so that the theme of the day — Doing Nothing — continues with gusto. But, I think we both find doing nothing sort of an alien concept. God, I hope this isn’t like retirement. This is a shot from several weeks ago. Seems to mirror my mood.

Potomac River

Potomac River

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